The New Asian Power Dynamic

The New Asian Power Dynamic

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Author: Maharajakrishna Rasgotra
Several Contributors/
Translator(s)/ Edito: Maharajakrishna Rasgotra
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 307
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780761935728


This volume examines the unfolding relationships among the five great powers in Asia—the United States, China, India, Japan and Russia. It explores recent bilateral relations between these states. While the central theme is how China, the rising power, and the US, the sole superpower, will deal with each other, their policies and interactions will need to factor in the other three powers who will play significant roles in defining peace and stability in Asia.

This book will be of considerable interest to practitioners and students of international diplomacy, South Asian politics, Chinese studies, and military and strategic studies.


Foreword by
Brajesh Mishra

The New Asian Power Dynamic:
Introductory essay

‘The Strength of weakness’: The
Context and Construction of Chinese
Foreign Policy

China’s Military Modernization and its
Implications for Asian Security

Chinese Perceptions of the US:
Tactical Friendship and Strategic

US Perceptions of China: Persisting

Economic Relations between the US
and Two Asian Giants

New Directions in India-US Relation

India-China Relations Since 1988

India-China Relations: Agreements Signed

Japan in Asian Security

Russia-US Relations: Impact on Asia’s
Strategic Stability

Overview and Conclusions

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