Is The Future In Our Hands?

Is The Future In Our Hands?

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Author: Andris Karlis Tebecis
Publisher: Popular Prakashan
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 371
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8179912752


In an age of rapid change and turbulence, this book brings direction and hope. Universal laws are dynamic and all embracing, no theoretical. The light of God is actual not conceptual. “Is the future in our hands?” gives people first hand View of both. People can be happy. The world can become a better place.

Written by neuroscientist who has considerable experience with Sukyo Mahikari, the book introduces an approach towards positive change that is powerful, practical and academically credible.

This book is a must for:
Those who want to help build a peaceful world.
Those who seek God and want to overcome the barriers between
Health professionals interested in the promotion of whole person medicine.
Educators concerned about solving problems in school
Business people looking for a future of sustainable economics.
Those who care about the environment and the future.

This book has come at vital time.
“Is the future in our hands?”



Chapter 1:
Finding the Light

Chapter 2:
My understanding of Sukyo Mahikari

Chapter 3:
The founder and the present spiritual

Chapter 4:
The reality of the spiritual realm

Chapter 5:
The universal origin of religions
And their unity

Chapter 6:
Whole person medicine - spiritual,
Mental and physical

Chapter 7:
The science of the future

Chapter 8:
Whole person education for the
Twenty-first century

Chapter 9:
Spiritually oriented business - the
New direction for sound economics

Chapter 10:
Yoko agriculture - collaboration
Between god, humans and nature

Chapter 11:
Establishing the yoko civilization



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