The Protest is Still On  -  Selection of Articles in Political Economy

The Protest is Still On - Selection of Articles in Political Economy

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Author: Ashok Mitra
Publisher: Emancipation/Leftword
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 256
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8190344323


The Protest Is Still On is a selection of articles from Ashok Mitra’s Column, ‘Cutting Corners’, which appeared in the Telegraph over a period of more than two decades..

When issues concerning the development of the Indian Economy in the context of globalization are generating such intense interest, we expect this collection will add a significant dimension to on-going discussion.


Poison as prescription
It always knows best
Deconstruct, then panic
The part is not the whole
Authoritarian utopias
Beyond the round table
Standing apart
Right off the rails
Battered by VAT
Impolite predictions
Bountiful happiness
Courting imbalance
Slave, scab, pipedream
The moving finger
No valued, just greed
Cellphones in lieu of rice
Calamity imperialism
Mixed up values
Money to burn?
Reforms gone haywire
Taking on nature
The golden age
Dear money
That sinking feeling
Follow the market
Tidings from Cancun
Dog day afternoon
The great train robbery
Games ministers play
Enter the sheriff
Daylight mayhem
Afraid to be free invest in a dream
Rupee on the run
Nowhere to go but down
Closing the gate survival of the Freest
Play of passions
Forget 1962
Colonialism with a new face
Circular argument
Rich man, poor man
Paid the pipers
Unrevealed text
Great leveller
The cheek of it
Patent noster
Politic politeness
Buy for now joys of lesser fare
Force within a farce
In the garden of Gethsamene
All American banana splits
Import of Infiation
Tiger and pussy cat
World’s only flower power
Capitulation and decapitation
Efficiently chained slaves’
Foreign fingers in our pie
Encounters of the non-resident kind
A million mutinies to come
The illegal hand of US Law
Do not ask for facts
Already in the World Bank’s territory?
Food or ballistic missiles?
Fend for yourselves
Are we really on the same
Boat, brother?
To talk of sacrilege
Please pay for non-development
The other Americans