From Man To God-Man

From Man To God-Man

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Author: N. Ananthanarayanan
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 525
ISBN/UPC (if available): 194747068X


SWAMI Sivananda was unique in more ways than one, which entitles him to pride of place in modern India’s spiritual horizon. Whether in physical appearance, intellectual stature or spiritual excellence, he was second to none. But the hallmark of his life was the way he tangibly influenced innumerable individual lives in every corner of the world.

This influence crossed man-made barriers of religion, race and colour, of language, country and sex, and even political system. Perhaps no saint in the twentieth century had personal contact with as many followers as Swami Sivananda had.

Gulzarilal Nanda, twice Acting-Prime Minister of India, remarked years ago: "When a history of the great religious teachers of this ancient land is compiled, the name of Swami Sivananda would appear at the top".

Having witnessed modern life at first hand as an affluent doctor in Malaya, Swami Sivananda was fully conversant with the joys and sorrows of people, and could identify himself with their problems and perplexities. This endeared him to all and made them respect his words.



Early Years
Serving the Sick
Life in Malaya
Donning the Ochre Robe
The Sankirtan Samrat
Divine Life Society
Ashram Management
A Seva Yatra
Jnana Yajna
Training of Disciples
Sivananda & the West
Sivananda’s Personality
The Master’s Grace
The Last Days