Prosperity in India by 2007 A.D.  - From Dream to Reality

Prosperity in India by 2007 A.D. - From Dream to Reality

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Author: P Chandrakanth Sharma
Publisher: Allied Publishers
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 418
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170239214


Reflecting the concern and anguish of the author on the state of our economy, polity and society at large, this work of great potential delineates a strategy and agenda for the nation.

Till today, we have not made much headway in tackling the basic problems of economic development viz. poverty, unemployment, illiteracy etc., on the homefront. On the other hand, the economic resurgence of countries like Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and other western nations in short span of time is quiet astonishing. They are marching ahead overcoming the disadvantages and are doing exceedingly well.

We have to learn a lot from these developmental alternatives based on pragmatic policies and indigenous ethos. Against this backdrop, there is need for a compact data-base on various facets of Indian Economic Development in a comparative perspective.

This work born out of conviction and back breaking effort put in by the author serves as a valuable reference work to the students, researchers and those interested the subject. The author has put in tremendous effort in culling exhaustive information from various sources including UN and World Bank publications. The desire and ability of the author to unearth such an amazing number of facts and figures and correlate them is really admirable.

CONTENTS: Introduction / Present Socio Economic Scenario / Learning from Other Countries / Missed Opportunities / S W O T Analysis / India's Competitiveness in the World Market / Productivity and work culture / Money for Development / Economic Reforms / Privatization trends / Silver linings / Development strategy - Who Has to What and How / Inspiring examples of Dedication and Development / Interesting Facts - Good and Bad / Noteworthy Statistics / Advice from Eminent Personalities / Books for further Reference / Maps / References / Definitions / Index of abbreviations / Index of Persons