Moral Stories -   VOL. 2    (English+Hindi Animated CD)

Moral Stories - VOL. 2 (English+Hindi Animated CD)

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Author: Sri Ramakrishna
Publisher: Marito Corporation
Year: 2006
Language: multilingual
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): AT0050903149


Sri Ramakrishna taught ceaselessly through parables, metaphors, stories, songs and above all by his own life, the basic truths of religion. Through stories in this collection, he gives us an invaluable insight into the morals of Life.

Sri Ramakrishna was born in 1836 at Kamarpukur about sixty miles from Calcutta. Khudiram and Chandramani were his parents.

Sri Ramakrishna performed pujas at Dakshineswar Temple as a priest. As his spiritual wisdom grew, he had the vision of Mother Kali and dwelled more on the experiences of the Goddess.
Soon word spread about this remarkable man and people of all denominations and all stations of life began to come to him.

Through these stories, Sri Ramakrishna has given us an invaluable insight into the morals of Life.


This CD carries 7 Animated Stories:

1. Two Frogs

2. Brahmana & The Cow

3. Cobra & The Monk

4. Well Digger

5. To Each His Own

6. Richman’s Feast

7. Traveller & Wish-Tree