Onefull, Onehalf - An Autobiographical Account

Onefull, Onehalf - An Autobiographical Account

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Author: Neela Satyanarayana
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 113
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129110202


It took Neela thirteen long years to write One full, One Half. Each time she attempted, she was overcome with personal grief. She did not intend to garner sympathy for her ‘special’ son, Chaitanya. She wanted to reach out to families, especially mothers who have children with similar problems. It was therefore essential that she wrote dispassionately.

After having gone through severe trauma on learning that Chitanya is a Down’s syndrome child with severe mental limitations, she gathered courage to face the challenge. Doctors had declared him a mere living vegetable. But Neela was determined to give Chaitanya a life. The family strove as one and today Chaitanya is leading a near normal life. The family changed their lifestyle to suit Chitanya’s need, even sacrificing their ambitions in order to be with him, to help him grow up and make him as independent as possible.

The doctors they consulted were insensitive to Neela as a mother and the People around her did not understand. The special schools were not cooperative and except for a few friends, others were judge mental. Initially, she was devastated. It took her many years to understand and accept Chaitanya as a special child. This is Neela Satyanarayana’s story; a story for all mother who not only have ‘special children’, but also those who may have ‘special’ members in their families.



I want to say

Letter from President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

A son in the family
Joy and tears
The paediatrician
Down’s syndrome
My daughter, Anuradha
Satya’s conversion
Love was the wonder medicine
Search for a school
Mrs. Peres was her name
The price of growing up
What next?
The bitter experiences
My fears persisted
One sided judgement
Satya was my strength
The first day at special school
Mrs. Shroff’s new outlook
Finally, social acceptance
One full, one half
Special people
Government officers too