Once More !  - A Novel

Once More ! - A Novel

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Author: Roswitha Joshi
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 230
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817476576


Norma Hartmann, a young woman, whose lonely hours are spend in romantic dreams, finds her husband Peter increasingly distanced, propelled onto a seat of power which gives him more pleasure than the company of his wife. Hagen Hartmann, Peter's Father, tries to justify his military past, re-inventing himself as a businessman. His wife, Martha, late in her life, blooms into an artist-cum-gallery owner in Italy.

The deeper conflicts of the Hartmann family, with other characters thrown in, bring out the war-torn Germany in the 1960s. Like everyone else, the Hartmann family is overshadowed by the ghosts of a disastrous past. Bereft of their moorings, the family members are haunted by angst.

Yet, in constant confrontation with a present in which traditional values lose their meaning, unexpected opportunities arrive as this human drama unfolds. Weaving at times sober, at times hilarious yearn of love, sex and betrayal, this saga takes you on a tragic-comic roller-coaster ride of emotions that will certainly compel you to read this novel.


1. The Sudden End of Loneliness
2. Memorable Moments
3. Broken Equations
4. A Time to Rejoice
5. Casting Spells
6. Sun Downer
7. A Coloured Vision