One - Day Cricket :  The Indian Challenge

One - Day Cricket : The Indian Challenge

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Author: Ashis Ray
Foreword/Introductio: Rahul Dravid
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 386
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788172236670


A panoramic view of one-day cricket….

One-Day Cricket: The Indian Challenge Chronicles the limited overs
game from an Indian perspective. It traces its origins and covers
every World Cup and Champions Trophy tournament and the 1985
Benson & Hedges ‘World Championship’. India’s victory in the 1983
World Cup finds pride of place. Some all-time great one-day
international (ODIs)are highlighted as well as India’s intense rivalry
with Pakistan. The book concludes with a review of the 2007 World
Cup, and also examines Saurav Ganguly’s previously controversial
exclusion from the Indian side.

An entire chapter is devoted to ‘the turning point’ for India in ODIs – a
win against the then mighty West Indies in Mach 1983.

The work also portrays the bumpy shift in the balance of power in
world cricket from Anglo-Saxon control to Indian dominance.

This mostly first-hand, anecdotal sweep of over 44 years of one-day
cricket, blended with sharp analysis, is also an invaluable statistical

And it comes from the commentator who broadcast ball-by-ball on BBC
on India’s meteoric march in the 1983 world Cup.




The Genesis

Before 1983

The Turning Point

The Summer of 1983

The Tobacco Tourneys

After 1983


The Rainbow Cup

More Extras

The Calypso Cup