Sharah Ghazaliyat-e-Ghalib Farsi    (2-Volume URDU+Persian Set)

Sharah Ghazaliyat-e-Ghalib Farsi (2-Volume URDU+Persian Set)

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Author: Sufi Ghulam Mustufa Tabassum
Publisher: Kitabi Duniya
Year: 2006
Language: multilingual
Pages: 1220
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189461085/7


This set of 2 volumes combines complete works of Ghalib in Persian with meaning and translation in Urdu.

With the conquest of India by Persians, the art5 of ghazal writing came along in the weake of it. Though Ghalib's master pieces of art in Persian, the irony is that he derived greater fame from the Urdu versions. He delivered excellence in quality to the Zurdu languages of ghazal.

The ghazal is a verse of amorousness - boy meets girl - the cry of a wonded gazelle. To understand ghazal, especialy the ones by Ghalib, the reader wants to know that in this form the verse, the thought contained in every couplet is supposed to be independent and complete. In rare case, it shows some relation with others, it is the skill of a master poet.

The theme or mood of the ghazal need not be same throughout because it is simply a diamond of many facets. Ghalib polished it with humanity. He is not a gloomy poet like good old Mir, instead he delived a poet should create beauty out of terror, flowers out of fire, and good out of evil. He invited grief and misery till death, as though his contented sould had nothing to live for.