Discover the Divine Within You

Discover the Divine Within You

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Author: Rajinder Singh
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 141
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0143099728


The world is within us; we are the world. This fundamental truth is the cornerstone of the spiritual awakening that Sant Rajinder Singh shares with readers worldwide.

In these extracts from talks given at various universities, the internationally renowned meditation Master addresses the common man's need to achieve optimum performance levels at the workplace as well as compatibility in human relationships.

Simple meditation techniques can awaken the soul, breaking down barriers of prejudice, hatred, selfishness and dissatisfaction. And when ‘peace begins with you', you look at the universe with new eyes: the demons are exorcized and a physical, mental and emotional balance pervades your being. Leadership skills are enhanced, empathy for fellow beings is aroused, peace replaces mental tumult and you are on the path to becoming an integrated' human being.

With the help of anecdotes, parables and inspirational cameos from the lives of ordinary people, scientists and saints, Rajinder Singh shows us the way to motivate inner healing and experience inner fulfilment.


May readers of this book find peace within themselves through meditation and so foster a greater sense of peace throughout the world. I greatly appreciate Sant Rajinder Singhji's contribution here to the goal of peace that we are all working towards.
-H H The Dalai Lama

A powerful, deep clearly written book about practical spirituality that helps us let go of the self-made blocks that interfere with the awareness that we are one with God and each other, that there is no separation, and that our soul is present and fully alive forever.
-Gerald G Jampolsky, M D



1. Nature of Forgiveness and Compassion
2. Real Inner and Outer Communication
3. Relationship Between Science and Spirituality
4. Curing the World’s Pain
5. Spiritual Awakening Without Boundaries
6. Moral Dimensions of Leadership
7. Meditation for Healtheir Living
8. Exploring the Power of the Soul
9. Living Human Unity
10. Education for a Peaceful World
11. How a Scientist can be Spiritual
12. Meditation: The Best Medicine
13. Journey to regions of Light Within
14. Building Peace in the World
15. Keys to Better Meditation
16. Healing Ourselves and Healing the World
17. Earth, Environment and Harmony
18. Know Thyself
19. Visions of the New Millennium
20. Global Peace Begins with Us