Varnamala Geet  (Book + Audio CD)

Varnamala Geet (Book + Audio CD)

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Author: Madhu Aggarwal
Contributor(s)/Artis: Sona/Jacob/Manoj Tamhankar
Publisher: Meera Masi
Year: 2006
Language: multilingual
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780977364565


Colorful images and rhythmic notes bring the Hindi alphabet to life. Appropriate for all ages from small children, to teens, to university and adult students. The chart is accompanied by a fun audio CD that includes alphabet and number songs. A fun way to learn! A fun way to teach!

Illustrated by: Sona & Jacob

Audio CD carries following tracks:
1. Introduction
2. Varnamala Geet
3. Varnamala
4. Ginti 1 to 30
5. Ginti 10 mei

Music by: Manoj Tamhankar

Vocals by:
Seema Gupta, Saachi Gupta, Eesha Beemra,
Preeti Tamhankar, Seetal Singhal