Aarti      (Hindi DVD with English Subtitles)

Aarti (Hindi DVD with English Subtitles)

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Author: Ashok Kumar
Meena Kumari/
Director/Composer/Na: Phani Majumdar/Roshan
Publisher: Ultra
Year: 2006
Language: Hindi
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): DVD U-371


Aarti is the story of a woman’s selfless zeal and great sacrifices for her loved ones, her family and the honour of her family.

Aarti, a qualified doctor, instead of marrying Prakash, a brain surgeon, who was after fame and fortune, decides to marry Deepak, a social worker who lives with his big but poor family comprising of his father, his mentally deranged sister, and his elder brother with his shrewish wife and their three unruly kids. With her untiring zeal and her diligent care, she makes every member of the household happy but for her sister-in-law. Prakash, whom she had refused to marry, livid with anger plots to take avenge the insult and he along with Aarti’s sister-in-law, plant the seed of suspicion in Deepak’s mind, forcing him to drive Aarti out of the house.

Aarti is filled to the brim with emotions when her husband meets with an accident and there is no one except Prakash, a brain specialist, who could save Deepak s life. Prakash refuses to operate until Aarti begs him, she agrees to pay his price and reposes all her trust in him as a doctor. Prakash finally operates, and it’s a success. However when Aarti goes to pay the undisclosed price, she is stunt with his demand – ‘Leave Deepak and marry me.”

What answer can Aarti offer to this demand? How will she fulfill her obligation? Watch the movie to answer these queries in this story of triumph of sacrifice over self.

Best Suporting Actress

Star Cast:
Ashok Kumar, Pradeep Kumar, Meena Kumari, Shashikala, Rajendranath.

Director: Phani Majumdar

Music Director: Roshan

Producer: Rajshree Pictures

Genre: Love story

Color: Black and White