Charulata (DVD in Bengali with English Subtitles)

Charulata (DVD in Bengali with English Subtitles)

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Author: Soumitra Chatterjee
Madavi Mukherjee/Sailen Mukherjee
Director/Composer/Na: Satyajit Ray
Publisher: RE/TV Centre
Year: NA
Language: multilingual
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): NA


Bhupati a wealthy man with, a bent towards journalism in 19th century India, neglects Charulata, his wife to pursue politics. Amal, his brother, comes for a visit and after a while Bhupati coaxes him to “bring out” her artistic leanings. Amal does, but through their subtle interplay Charulata comes to feel deeply for Amal. At one point Amal admits to Charulata that “a woman’s mind can only be understood by men,” but when she ironically published a short story on her own and without his knowledge, Amal is dumbfounded.

The subtle tension between these two rivals gives way when Amal finally realizes that Charulata is in love with him. So as not to injure his brother, Amal leaves unexpectedly. Bhupati, however, catches Charulata crying over Amal and is shocked and sorrowful.

President’s Gold Medal – India 1964
Silver bear – Berlin Film Festival 1965
Best Picture – Roman Catholic Cinematographie 1965
Golden Head or Palanque – Acapulco Film Festival 1965

Soumitra Chatterjee/Amal
Madavi Mukherjee/Charulata
Sailen Mukherjee/Bhupati

Direction, Music & Scenario by:
Satyajit Ray