Japjee - Sikh Morning Prayer

Japjee - Sikh Morning Prayer

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Author: Khushwant Singh
Publisher: Picus Books
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 173
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187285044


Presenting as brief account of the Sikh religion and the morning prayer to be seen from the point of view of a Sikh who believes both in the Sikh faith and in objectivity.

Japjee is the most important prayer of the Sikhs. It was recognized as such by the fifth guru, Arjun, when he compiled the Adi Granth and gave it the first place in the sacred anthology.

Japjee follows the traditional pattern of compositions of the times beginning with an invocation to God and ending with thanksgiving on the successful completion of the work.

Included in this edition are two beautifully written chapters, one on the Sikh faith and practice and the second on the spiritual struggle Guru Nanak underwent to create a unique yet eclectic religion. Both pieces are by the translator: Khushwant Singh.

The book reproduces the Japjee in Gurumukhi script, and transliterate it in Devnagari script and gives translation in English,