Vegetarian Salads

Vegetarian Salads

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Author: Geeta Kohli
Publisher: Rahul Publishing House
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 100
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173880948


The recipes for Salads are easy, quick, simple and totally vegetarian. These recipes will be a great help to those who want to lose weight.

A salad can be a combination of any type of ingredients when dressed in a palatable coating of spices and flavors. A salad can be selected to compensate the missing ingredient of the menu, e.g. pulses, cereals, fruits, vegetables, potato etc.

CONTENTS: Mix Combination Salads * Green Leafy Salads * Roots and Tubers * Pulses in Salads * Salads with Milk * Fruit Salads * Salads of Cereals * Molded Salad * Dressings