The Meeting of Science & Spirit

The Meeting of Science & Spirit

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Author: John White
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 288
ISBN/UPC (if available): 1557783020


These essays form a satisfying and probing commentary on the New Age - the next dynamic stage of human evolution, and guidelines on how we will attain it.

Civilization is rapidly approaching a critical juncture, a great divide in history. Many voices tell us that a major period or cycle is ending and another is beginning. Will humanity survive looming disasters? Something unprecedented is happening in the world, something transformative. The human condition is changing and a higher form of humanity which the author calls 'Homo noeticus' is emerging. That change of consciousness defines 'Homo noeticus' and the New Age.

Few writers have John White's gift for integrating so many different strands of knowledge and experience, and for presenting their vision in a most lively manner. This clarifying and persuasive volume demonstrates that New Age thought is not dead but an ongoing challenge based on a profound spiritual reformation.

There is one reality, one universe, and if the scientific and spiritual worldviews are contradictory, there must be something wrong with one or both of them. White's eminently readable discussion can be a significant aid to anyone seeking personal clarification on this issue.

A Asane, honest and engaging exploration of New Age concerns, this deserves to be widely read in the New Age community and by its critics.

CONTENTS: Neuroscience and the New View of Mind * Enlightenment and the Brain * Meditation and Evolution * Pole Shift Update: Consciousness search and Planetary Transformation * Firewalking: The Hottest Thing in Town * UFOs and the Search for Higher Consciousness * On Mind and the Physics of Paranormal Phenomena * Karma, Reincarnation, and Evolution * Healing is Not the Same as Cure * The Tue Meaning of Yoga * Kundalini: Sex, Evolution, and Enlightenment * Towards a Science of Consciousness * Consciousness and Substance: The Primal Forms of God * The Sparkle of Spirit * The Spirit of Creativity and the Creative Spirit * Channeling and Higher Human Development * Gurus, Devotees, and Politics * The Paranormal in Judeo-Christian Tradition * Empty Self, No Sword: Enlightenment and the Martial Arts * Enlightenment and the Spiritual Journey * The Judeo-Christian Tradition and the New Age * The New Age and the Second Coming of Christ * The Meaning of the Christ * What is spirituality * Afterword: Toward 'Homo Noeticus * Appendixes + Notes + Index