Who Owns CBI - The Naked Truth

Who Owns CBI - The Naked Truth

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Author: B R Lall
Publisher: Manas
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 338
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170492939


The book gives a deep first-hand insight into the CBI investigations, against the people at high places, concealing more and exposing less about the accused VIPs who cannot be embarrassed either in the process or by the findings of the investigation. They are the one who dictate to CBI whether to investigate or not and how to investigate. They only decide on prosecution or withdrawal and that too under the cover of public interest. The accused thus themselves assume the role of investigator, the prosecutor and even the judge. Subservient to this dangerous mindset, the investigative and enforcement agencies procure and collect the evidences to reinforce the pre-determined conclusions. The shade of Government makes no difference.

The author as a Joint Director in the CBI piloted the investigations of many important cases including the famous Jain Hawala Case. It was a God-sent opportunity for the CBI to clean the dirty stables of Indian politics and administration as the case had necessary potential as also the mandate of the Supreme Court to investigate the high and mighty. The CBI Director Vijay Rama Rao wanted to close the investigations by filing bogus chargesheets against some bureaucrats and subsequently included the names of certain politicians in the list, but the author refused to oblige.

Later the director asked for chargesheeting certain high profile politicians from both the ruling and the opposition parties including LK Advani; but the author resisted any blanket chargesheet without requisite evidence and instead advocated complete investigation, including searches for looking into the assets of all including the heavy weights like Union Ministers (serving and the former), leaders from other than the ruling parties, serving Prime Minister Narasimha Rao and also the former PM Rajiv Gandhi as their names had occurred in the diaries and the statements of Jains. The case was taken away from his charge and the chargesheets, devoid of any substance, were filed knowing fully well that these would fall at the very outset. The author warned the director in black and white that he was scuttling the scam and betraying the nation.

The relentless fight of the author for truth and transparency in the CBI brought him in sharp confrontation with Director Joginder Singh, who defined the law for every individual differently and applied the tools of discipline to force the desired results out of the investigators. The author raised these tricky questions in the CBI conference with the then Prime Minister, Deve Gowda. Gowda listened to the author, but he rediculed him and all the agencies who claimed to work against corruption. No wonder, the author was jettisoned not only out of the CBI, but from the Government of India itself, as if the biggest threat to Government emanated from the truth that he advocated. Who Owns CBI: The Naked Truth is the book that explicitly bares the sordid games indulged into, by the high and mighty at various levels.




1. Introduction
2. How the Jain Hawala Case was scuttled.
3. Midnight deplaning of a giant.
4. LoC Scandal rocks Assam.
5. Jungle Raj in CBI.
6. Beyond the laws.
7. Scourge of black economy.
8. Corruption in elections - a case for structural reforms.
9. Unhealthy attitudes.
10. The C B I.
11. Strategies to combat corruption.
12. Conclusion.