Narrative: A Seminar

Narrative: A Seminar

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Author: Amiya Dev
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 1994
Language: English
Pages: 342
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172012780


A first hand testament of creative writers, moving on to oral and written narratives of the past, modern fictional narrative, painting, music, film and theatre.

This book is a collection of papers presented at the International Seminar on Narrative with celebrated scholars and writers as participants. The theme and discussion cuts across a number of languages, genres, art forms and historical periods.

The essays in this volume is a major contribution to the theory and practice of Narratology: a must for academics and interest readers.

EDITOR: Amiya Dev (b. 1935) is Professor and Dean, Faculty of Arts, Jadavpur University. He has authored and co-edited a number of books.