World Famous Prophecies & Predictions

World Famous Prophecies & Predictions

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Author: Ashok Kumar Sharma
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122305512


World Famous Prophesies and Predictions is the thirty-ninth book in this series. The philosophy that a person is a mere puppet in the hands of destiny is open to argument. It may be right or wrong. But, it is equally true that in the heart of the most ardent antagonist of the theory of fate lies the latent desire to know the future. Astrology must have taken shape and developed to fulfill this psychological need of human beings. Since, it is a collective will, astrology has flourished in all times and places, irrespective of the religion, colour and political faith to which people subscribed.

The eagerness to know the future grows in human beings from birth itself. Nature has granted some fortunate people the capacity to peep into the darkness of future and bring to light forthcoming events and happenings. You shall find the life-story of such people in this book together with their famous predictions. They include Bhrigu, Nostradamus, Cheiro, Kraftt, Lenormana, Cagliostro, Joanna Southcott, Peter Harkos, Gaurico and John Dee. Our Discriminating readers may believe or disbeliever their prophesies but it is certain that these people were gifted with extraordinary perceptions and capabilities.


The Hidden Capacity to Foretell
The Oracles of Delphi
The Mysterious Fortune-Tellers of Egypt
Bhrigu: surveyor of Past, Present & Future
Luca Gaurico: Fortune-teller Par Excellence
Mother Shipton: Fortune-Teller Nonpareil
Nostradamus: Prophetic Fortune-teller
Dr John Dee: The Original Agent 007
Kenneth Mackenzie: The saint of Brahan
Cagliostro: Genuine or Fraud?
Joanna Southcott: Advent of Messiah
Marie Lenormana: The queen of Soothsayers
Cheiro: The brightest star
Kraftt: A Political Astrologer
Jeane Dixon: Fifty-Fifty Forecaster
Joan Quigley: Advisor to a President