Saptvaar Aarti Mala   (MUSIC CD)

Saptvaar Aarti Mala (MUSIC CD)

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Author: Rattan Mohan Sharma
Publisher: Music Today
Year: 2006
Language: Music
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): CD D 06115


Aarti is an integral part of our daily prayers and is also very important for every auspicious ceremony. The fast prescribed for each day is followed by the aarti to appease the God or Goddess of the day. Saptvaar Aarti Mala features 8 soul stirring aartis, each aarti representing one single deity belonging to each particular day.

This Music CD carries following tracks:

1. Saptvaar Aarti (Shri Trigun Shiva Devta) 06:27
2. Ravivaar Aarti (Shri Surya Devta) 05:12
3. Somvaar Aarti (Shri Shiva Devta) 05:15
4. Mangalvaar Aarti (Shri Bhaum Devta) 04:31
5. Budhvaar Aarti (Shri Buddha Devta) 04:37
6. Brihaspativaar Aarti (Shri Rama Devta) 06:13
7. Shukravaar Aarti (Shri Santoshi Mata) 06:46
8. Shanivaar Aarti (Shri Shani Devta) 04:30