Positive Mind Therapy - Explore the Full Potential of Life

Positive Mind Therapy - Explore the Full Potential of Life

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Normaler Preis

Author: Rakesh K Mittal
Publisher: Sterling
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 125
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120728955


The common concept of humanity revolves round the personality of an individual and that too is often narrowed down to the physical person which is objective and perceivable as an essential tool for social behaviour. But what lies under this exterior is a whole mass of emotions, responses and reactions which activate the physical personality or else the external form is nothing but a mass of dead and inert matter. These two layers of the human personality are clearly discernible even to an outsider.

But there is a subtler undercurrent of ideas, thoughts and impressions which serve as a causative layer to the internal personality and from which the emotions responses and reactions arise. It is this causative layer, the implicit identity, which completely controls the working of the two former layers of personality to constitute layer. In this book, the author has compiled his feelings and experiences at the causative layer, depicting how every event of life is a step towards evolution.



Benediction by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

The state of fearlessness
The mathematics of life
Living like an asymptote
The richness of poverty
Fission of the human mind
Being like the sea
Friends vs. relatives
Diving in the world ocean
Four dimensions of personality
My job is very important
Positive revenge
Living as an observer
Tenure on this earth
Discovery of a friend
A total view of life
Constructive destruction
Silver jubilee
False ceiling
Permanent or less temporary
Minus infinity to plus infinity
Varilux lens
Co-ordinates of life
Traffic jam
Ohm's law of life
The divine court
God as an accountant
When you keep your word
Gandhiji's monkey
Inspiration from the void
The fall of Shivalik
Dialling code of God
From known to unknown
Room for improvement
State of flux
Living in the present
Women and gold
Coconut water
Knowledge and wisdom
Life before death
Role of the wicked
All things are small
Strength of humility
Power of compassion
Variety not hierarchy
Answers of our problems
The entropy law
The photograph has changed
Guru Poornima
God and the government
Who needs God
The goal of life