Mudra Vigyan

Mudra Vigyan

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Author: Rajnikant Upadhaya
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 85
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171827020


Our body consists of five elements i e Akash, Vayu, Jal, Agni and Prathvi tatvas. Each finger represents the respective elements present in the body. The imbalance in the tatvas (elements) leads to the various ailments or the diseases in the body.

The Mudra Vigyan is an ancient Indian Science that is being practised for centuries. This balances and harmonizes the elements present in the body by just making some specific gestures of the fingers in particular shape. It also develops the mystique spiritual powers of those who are in the practice of meditations.

This book unfolds the mystery of the tatvas in a very simple method and enriches the knowledge of all those people who are interested in alternative medical therapies.



Gyan Mudra
Poorna Gyan Mudra
Vairagya Mudra
Abhaya Mudra
Dhyana Mudra
Vaayu Mudra
Shoonya Mudra
Surya Mudra
Varun Mudra
Prithvi Mudra
Prana mudra
Apaan Mudra
Surabhi Mudra
Linga Mudra
Vayan Mudra
Upasanhaar Mudra
Surya Pradarshani Mudra
Sankalapa Mudra
Matsya Mudra
Sambodhini Mudra
Sammukhikaran Mudra
Sannidhapini Mudra
Tattva Mudra
Ankush Mudra
Sarvaakarshini Mudra
Koorma (Kachhap) Mudra (Tortoise Pose)
Sarvamaha Kusha Mudra
Beej Mudra
Moosal Mudra
Mushti Mudra
Prarthana Mudra
Trailokyamohini Mudra
Venu Mudra
Lolihaa Mudra
Paraa Mudra
Kunt Mudra
Shakti Mudra
Panchmukhi Mudra
Japa Mudra
Ghanta Mudra
Lakshmi Mudra
Bilva Mudra
Aavaahani Mudra
Kaaki Mudra
Mudras related to diet
Mudras related to Gayatri Devi (Goddess)

2. Non-Conventional Therapies

3. Reiki Therapy

4. Verified and Tested Experiments