A Movement for Literature

A Movement for Literature

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Author: Ka Naa Subramaniam
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 141
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8126004800


This book discusses a wide range of literary works and writers from various nations and periods, including world epics and ancient as well as contemporary classics.

Originally published as Illkkiyathukku Oru Iyakkam in Tamil, these essays were written not to impress or dazzle but to share the joys of literature with laymen and intellectual alike.

Writing in the introduction, the author says: The fact that I have not felt the need to revise the articles written twenty years ago is not something the Tamil literary world can be proud of. If only I had felt the compulsion for a major revision, I could have taken pride that the purpose for which I had written these articles was fulfilled. There is room for that.

CONTENTS: A Movement for Literature / Thoughts on Literature / Architectonics in Kamban's Epic / The Poet Bharati / Bharati- A precursor to Contemporary Writers / S V V / TKS's Service to Literature / Contemporary Tamil Literature / Content and Form in Literature: A Dialogue / World Literature / Need for a Discipline / What is Criticism / Purpose of Criticism / Literature and the Reader / Journalistic Standards / Literary Appreciation / Towards Higher Standards of Literature / Discipline in Literature / Contemporary Literary Genres / nationalist Writers Association / Reading is an Art Too / Experiments / Again and Again / Short-Story in Tamil / Plays / William Shakespeare / Shakespeare and Kamban

TRANSLATORS: Venkat Swaminathan is a Tamil essayist and critic. He has several published works to his credit. He also writes on theatre, music, dance and other arts.