Ramayana  -  Epic of Ram  (Animated VCD Pack)

Ramayana - Epic of Ram (Animated VCD Pack)

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Author: Sant Tulsidas
Publisher: Times Music
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This animated VCD pack narrates tales of Ramayana, rich with Indian mythology that every Indian is familiar with and every child must learn. The five stories animatedly reveal the legends of lord Ram, thus entertaining the young audience and conveying the values of our culture and traditions. Enjoy this action packed offering led by the heroics of none other than the valiant prince Ram.


Young Rama was called upon by sage Vishwamitra to fight two demons wrecking his ritual. Ram valiantly defeated the bloodcurdling demon Tadka, and seeking his valor Mareech fled away.

With the guidance of the sage Vishwamitra, Rama frees Ahilya from her curse and with a single touch thaws her into her beautiful human self.

The appalling Sitaharan was carefully crafted by Ravan, as he disguised himself as a sage asking for food and abducted Sita to his kingdom Lanka.

The dutiful Vanarsena etched the name of Rama on every stone and constructed the bridge to Lanka, in pursuit of rescuing Sita.

After a long and tragic bloodbath on the battlefields of Lanka, Ram Successfully defeated Ravana, which marked his unison with Sita and his return to his very own land of Ayodhya!


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