Mother Teresa - Inspiring Incidents

Mother Teresa - Inspiring Incidents

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Author: Veerendra Raj Mehta
Vimla Mehta/
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 154
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123011679


Mother Teresa’s life was a saga of care, service and love and her area of work had spread even in her lifetime, to all corners of the world. Her reserves of compassion never dried up. Her work among the dying and terminally ill was something unique. The distinctive blue-bordered cotton saree of the Missionaries of Charity is today universally recognized as a harbinger of love and has become synonymous with care and comfort of the poorest of the poor.


During our fourteen-year sojourn in Manila, my wife Vimla and I were fortunate to get numerous opportunities to participate in different service activities initiated by Mother. In 1987, we had a godsend of an opportunity to work very closely with Mother when she stayed in Manila for a whole three weeks. During this period both my wife and I remained continuously associated with her different activities. We were spell bound and attracted by her work. It was during this time that we established an unbreakable bond with her. We would discuss matters concerning the daily routine of Homes and also about the welfare of Sisters. At one time, Mother sent my wife and me to her Olangapo Home and later to her Hongkong Home. At another time, she also directed us to meet the then President of Philippines Corazon Aquino to secure exemption from custom duty for the medicines received as gifts from foreign countries, for treating inmates at her various Homes.




Mother Teresa-For Whom the Whole World Is Her Arena
St Francis of Assisi
Stealing sweets-the Lights go out
Extraordinary Coincidences
I am India’s India is Mine
The Day Mother Had To Face Prosecution
A Prime Minister’s request and A President’s tears
Mother’s School
An Earthen Hat
Hanky on the nose
Mother on Dharna
Gandhiji Prem Niwas
Mystery of the Dark Rooms
Return of a Gold Medal
Auction of the Gifts
Half a Bread
The Poverty of the rich
The Sullied Hands of Senator Kennedy
Permission of a Dictator
When the Army took sisters into Custody
Indira Gandhi sends Vegetables
The Aroma of food
Sister Marlyn and David
The Story of Sister Ciphong
You are My Chief Engineer
I will Not Pay Tax
I am an Indian By Choice
On the Way to Airport
When Mother Offered to Act as Air Hostess
Pyramids of Coconut Shells
The Ailments of Affluence
An Invaluable Gift
The Nobel Prize and the Agony of Prizes
Mother - An Apostle of Peace
Gandhiji and Mother-Champions of Compassion
A Life of Dedication
Premonition of Death
Farewel Mother!
Missionaries of Charity-A Mini United Nations
Sainthood for Mother
Significant Moments in Mother’s Life