Ancestral Voices - Reflections on Vedic, Classical and Bhakti Poetry

Ancestral Voices - Reflections on Vedic, Classical and Bhakti Poetry

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Author: Ramesh Chandra Shah
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 82
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120830547


This is an extraordinary attempt to record and recover the long neglected ancestral voices of Indian civilization. The publication and subsequent reprinting of our civilization ally significant lectures that shah delivered at Temenos Academy, London in 1998, in the form of the book, is a welcome addition to the shortlist of titles that sincerely explore the meaning of India e g, Sri Aurobindo’s The Foundation of Indian Culture, Coomaraswamy’s The Dance of Shiva, Raja Rao’s The Meaning of India and Partha Chatterjee’s Nation and its Fragments.

In the first chapter, Shah underlines the relationship between literature art and truth. Affirming the Vedic emanate from Vac, which he interprets not merely as the tool of communication, but as the primordial mystery, combining in herself three words of Time: past, present and future and revealing itself only to those who are worthy to receive her.

In the second and third chapters, Shah reads the epics and other poems in the context of textualising truth, self, world and cosmic order or Rta. Texts as diverse as Bhagavatpurana, Yogavasistha, Ramcaritmanasa and songs of the siddhas and saints exemplify this integrated co-existence and co-operation of beauty and truth. He highlights the relevance of the amazing wealth of perennially usable critical concepts evolved by Indian aestheticians. The fourth Chapter presents a sensitive reading of the pan-Indian Bhakti movement, tracing its sources to the Vedas, the two epics and the Bhagavatpurana-its protestant character notwithstanding.


The founding of Truth-Some Reflections on Vedic Poetry

Ancestral Voices in the Post-Vedic and the Classical Ages of Sanskrit Poetry

Towards a Philosophy of Imagination-Hints from Indian Aesthetics

Bhakti Poetry-Background and Perspective