Once Upon a Raj

Once Upon a Raj

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Author: Gustap Irani
Publisher: Orient Longman/Disha
Year: 1992
Language: English
Pages: 164
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0863112587


A delightful novel narrating a lighthearted romp through a fictitious Indian princely state that is facing problems with the British.

Prince Bhayankar suddenly became aware of Prince Vir's presence. What are you doing here? he demanded. Prince Vir cringed - - animals disturbed when courting were known to get very vicious. We have to elope, he said. Elope? Elope? Prince Bhayankar looked at him in wonder. Why would I want to elope with? he bellowed.

It is the story of Prince Vir, blackmailed into playing the groom in a marriage of political convenience. Elephant chases, tiger hunts, gypsy caravans, stolen diamonds, weighing-in-gold ceremonies and eloping lovers - -

Imagine P G Wodehouse among the Indian princes and you get the picture. Lurani is both funny and tender as he spoofs British manners and the machinations of a royal family in India. A most enjoyable novel. - - Adil Jussawalla