Snake Catcher - Stories

Snake Catcher - Stories

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Author: Naiyer Masud
Muhammad Umar Memon/
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 144
ISBN/UPC (if available): 014309971X


Readers and critics have compared Masud to Kafka, Borges and Murakami. But it is best to speak of his style as pure Masud, for no other writer has rendered a fictional world quite like that of this master storyteller. His prose is spare and seductive and his stories have a shimmering, elusive quality. Although individually perfectly formed and complete, yet each story appears to have no beginning or end, drawing the reader into a seamless narrative structure.

The coming of age of a young boy who looks for domains of fear and desire in the houses he inspects, a man's life shaped by his father's dreams and his mother's devotion, a walk down memory lane to fulfill a mother's dying wish, a beautiful girl with deformed feet-the reader begins to inhabit a world where illusions are as stark as day, and experience Masud's writing in a metaphysical, almost Sufi-like, sense.


This is a definitive volume, spanning Masud's early to latest writings, leaving the reader spellbound by his elliptical and dramatic prose. Professor Memon deserves special thanks for his meticulous translations and thoughtful introduction.
-Sara Suleri-Goodyear

Even shorn of its immense humanity, Masud's lyricism would dazzle, for he is, without doubt, a poet's storyteller
-Agha Shahid Ali



Obscure Domains of Fear and Desire
The Woman in Black
Snake Catcher
Resting Place
Weather Vane
Allam and Son
The Big Garbage Dump
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