Indian Women - Myth and Reality

Indian Women - Myth and Reality

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Author: Jasodhara Bagchi
Publisher: Sangam Books
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173701105


This book analyzes the current myths of Indian womanhood and explains how these influence the lives of Indian women.

These essays in this volume written by noted historians, social scientists, activists and litterateurs study the social status of women over the past hundred years, as perceived through prevailing social norms, religion, art, literature, and films. They address the problems of all women, who strive to enrich their lives and surroundings and focus on the fact that whether urban middle class or rural poor, society always seeks to marginalize them through laws, media representations, social customs and economic deprivations.

This book notes with concern that no genuine social upliftment can be effected unless the material and ideological constraints on their lives are properly confronted.

CONTENTS: India Women: Myth and Reality / Laws on Women: Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism / Motherhood: Power and Powerlessness / Slow Pan Left: Feminism and the Problematic of Rights / Women of the Killing Belt of Bihar / Sexual Division of Labor: Myths and Reality in the Indian context / Myth and Reality: In the context of Poor Working Women in Kerala / Bengali Middle Class Women: Distance Between Myth and Reality / Hindu Conjugality and Nationalism: in Late Nineteenth Century Bengal / 'My Husband, Good or Bad': Closures in Bankimchandra's Novels / The Contemporary Popular Bengali Fiction: Textual Strategies / The Woman perceived: The Changing Visual Iconography of the Colonial and Nationalist Period in Bengal / Looking at Women: Sequences / Searching Research Materials on Women's Studies / Index + Plates

EDITOR: Jasodhara Bagchi is Professor of English Literature, and Director, School of Women's Studies, Jadavpur University. Educated in Calcutta, Oxford, Cambridge Universities, she has been active in women's movement since the early eighties. She has published many articles and authored/ co-authored several works.