Reversing Ageing  - The Natural Way

Reversing Ageing - The Natural Way

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Author: Paul Galbraith
Publisher: Orient Publications
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 224
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122204163


At last, knowledge to make you feel and look younger! It is now possible not just to slow down the ageing process, but to actually reverse it.

The human body has an inbuilt ability to rejuvenate and heal itself; it just needs the right conditions. This book explains how you can create those conditions and benefit from them.

It covers the most effective rejuvenation techniques, combining the latest scientific discoveries with the ancient yoga methods and wisdom. The techniques represent an excellent time investment, since these will help you not only to feel younger but also to live longer and with dramatically increased vitality levels.

You will learn about:

The most effective age-reversing exercises.
The three most potent rejuvenation breathing exercises.
Rejuvenation foods and supplements.
Rejuvenation herbs for sexual vigor.
Achieving super brain power.
Achieving optimum fitness.
Techniques to take years off your face.




On Becoming Younger
Looking Young and Vital
Aerobic Exercise for Reversing Ageing
Deep Sleep Every Night
Nutrition for Reversing Ageing-The Basics
Nutrition for Reversing Ageing-The Details
Rejuvenation Foods and Supplements
Yoga-The Supreme Exercise System
Yoga Asanas for Rejuvenation
Breathing Exercises for Rejuvenation
Supreme Stress Releasing and Exercise
Using Your Shower for Rejuvenation
Developing Super Brain Power
Rejuvenation of the Sex Glands
Other Rejuvenation Secrets