Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Gopal Krishna Gokhale

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Author: T R Deogirikar
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 1992
Language: English
Pages: 237
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Gopal Krishna Gokhale was born in an epoch of Indian history which formed him and which he himself lived to form in a large measure. He was born nine years after the Great Indian Uprising of 1857, also known as the First War of Indian Independence. He was a young man when the Indian National Congress was founded in 1885 to achieve India’s freedom by constitutional agitation, with the stress on the world constitutional. He died five years before Mahatma Gandhi, who looked upon him as his political guru, began his first attempt at non – violent resistance on Indian soil.

In 1858 the rule of the East India Company came to an end, and a new era began with Queen Victoria’s Proclamation of that year. The new order of things demanded new concepts, new ways of thinking and new departures in the political, social, economic and educational fields.



The Background
The Man in the Making
The Stormy Years Ahead
Gokhale Builds up the Fergusson College
Initiation into Politics
Public Activities
First Notable success
In the Indian National congress
A Moral dilemma
In the Bombay Legislative Council
In the Imperial Legislative council
In the Cause of Education
The Servants of India Society
From Secretaryship to the Presidentship of the Congress
Calcutta and Surat
The Story of the Morley-Minto Reforms
After Surat
Gokhale, Gandhiji and South Africa
The Final Phase
Last Days
Some Reminiscences