Andhra Kesari T Prakasam

Andhra Kesari T Prakasam

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Author: T Surya Narayana Rao
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 316
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123000782


Andhra Kesari Tanguturi Prakasham (1872-1957) was one of the great freedom –fighters of our country. He played a notable part in the struggle for independence right from Gandhiji’s time in 1920’s, in non-cooperation, constructive programme, Swadeshi, Salt Satyagraha, Individual Satyagraha and Quit India Movements. His contribution to the success of the Congress in the elections from that time onward in Andhra Desa was immense with the result that he became the Revenue Minister in the First congress Government in 1937 under Rajaji’s premiership in Madras Province.

Later in 1946-47, he adorned the position of Premier (Chief Minister) of the same Province. He was again the chosen leader to preside over the Andhra State which came into being in October 1953 at Kurnool, following the death of Potti Sreeramulu (1901-52)

Position or no position, Prakasam was always his confident self, fearing none but fighting for the cause he championed sincerely. It was not for nothing he was called the Andhra Kesari. He was where people were, whatever the troubles or challenges, political, communal or any other.


Prakasam - the Andhra Kesari
Boy Prakasam and Mother
The Boy Becomes a Troublesome Man
Barrister Prakasam
The Plunge
Call of the Nation
Andhra Rises High in Freedom Movement
I Am Andhra and Andhra is Me
Simon Go Back
Straight form Central Assembly to Salt Satyagraha
Who is the Owner of the Soil?
Quit India
Premier Par Excellence
Producers-cum-Consumers Cooperative
The Firka Development Scheme
His Economic Philosophy
A New State is Born
Never Before, Nor in Future