Divine Chants of Durga   (MUSIC CD)

Divine Chants of Durga (MUSIC CD)

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Author: Jitender Singh
Publisher: Sagarika
Year: 08/2006
Language: Music
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): S-500-54-4


The power of the omnipotent and omnipresent divine mother Durga are unlimited. She alone has the powers to grant mankind any boon that he may desire. Our sages in the ancient times had composed her divine chants, which are part of our sacred and spiritual texts. These chants are all incorporated in the Markandeya puran. Each of these chants is in the form of shlokas. Our sages, keeping in mind that, the repetitive chanting of these shlokas will enable the person to be able to get the boon that he is seeking, have composed these.

Our sacred texts like the Vedas, Smiritis, Purans etc all praise the powers that mother Durga has. In the Markandeya Puran the entire text is devoted to paying tribute to her. Each of the shlokas that have been incorporated in this album is known as the Siddha Mantra or the mantras that give mankind the desired blessing. Like the sages of yore, let us also sit in the lotus pose, with faith and devotion and listen or chant these Durga shlokas to get the desired benefit.