The Mighty and Mystical Rivers of India

The Mighty and Mystical Rivers of India

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Author: Alaka Shankar
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 132
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123009135


Taking some of the important rivers from all over the country, this book traces the course they take individually through the countries, and the areas they go through-the journey through various historical places and the important towns and cities which thrive because of their contribution - the dams and bridges across it-the irrigation support it gave, the festivals that take place along the rivers-the significance of the river to that particular state or region it flows through- and more.

Presented here is the story of The Mighty and Mystical Rivers of India-the main arteries of sustenance, throbbing with hope and life. The effort is to give in simple details the richness and importance of their presence. Let us hope the book will prompt you to explore and seek more and get the maximum out of our rivers.



What is a River?
Himalayas-Abode of the Gods
The Vast Expanse Across the Horizon
The Sacred Ganga
Yamuna-The Black Goddess
Civilization along the Ganga
The Fertile Gangetic Plains
The Mighty Brahmaputra
Indus-the mountain Lioness
Sutlej-the Fast Runner
And the Mahanadi Meanders
Narmada-The Jata Shankari
Godavari-The Dakshina Ganga
Krisha - The Inland River
Kaveri-The River of Life
The Smaller Rivers-A Source of Livelihood
Save Our Rivers - A Warning! A Plea?