The Philosophy, Psychology and Practice of Yoga

The Philosophy, Psychology and Practice of Yoga

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Author: Swami Chidananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 254
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170520853


Of the many Yoga paths leading to God or the Supreme Reality, four are more commonly known. These are Karma Yoga or the Path of Selfless Service, Bhakti Yoga or the Path of Devotion, Raha Yoga or the Path of Mind Control and Jnana Yoga or the Path of Intellectual analysis. Even among these, Raja Yoga is popularly known as just Yoga, and similarly, Jnana Yoga is known as just Vedanta.

Of the four paths, again, Raja Yoga is the one which is the most scientifically organized. It is also known as Ashtanga Yoga or the Yoga of Eight Steps, each step or rung leading in logical progression to the next one. Raja Yoga is the ladder connecting our phenomenal existence with the Great Noumenon and we have to ascend this ladder step by step with great care and circumspection. No step can be ignored or bypassed except at one’s own peril. Progress is assured provided the rules is bound to cause its own peril. Such is Raja Yoga propounded by that ancient sage Patanjali in the form of Sutras or terse aphorisms collectively known as Yoga Darshana.



A Broad Outline of the Yoga Philosophy
The Psychology of Yoga
The Five Great Vows
From the Yamas to the Niyamas
The Niyamas - Effective Weapons to Destroy the Citadel of the Senses
Creating a New Mind Through Satsanga, Sravana and Svadhyaya
Isvarapranidhana or Self-surrender
The Wider Aspects of the Process of Isvarapranidhana
Asana and Pranayama
Conquest of Tamo-guna Prakriti
Pratyahara-Crux of Raja Yoga Sadhana
Indispensable Aids to the practice of Pratyahara
More About Pratyahara
The Mental Menagerie or the World of the Inner Prakriti
Focussing the Mind in Antaranga Yoga
More About Antaranga Yoga Sadhana
All Yoga Is One
The Paramount Importance of Brahmacharya
Some Questions Answered