World - Famous Strange Mysteries

World - Famous Strange Mysteries

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Author: Geeta Lal Sahai
Translator(s)/Editor: J G Varma
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 120
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812230558X


It is the second book in World-Famous Series on Mysteries.

Our primary motive is to present to the readers some of the Strange Mysteries in a simple and attractive manner. The reader will judge for himself the unresolved and mysterious phenomena and will try to answer the queries which arise in human mind.

We have also tried to include some of the scientific mysteries as well which are concerned with psychology, parapsychology, psychiatry and the life sciences.

Thus we have covered a vast field and have picked up the very important and salient mysteries of the world. The treatment is no doubt authoritative, and the facts which are presented are genuine. The selected photographs add to the value of the book.

We are confident that the book will win the appreciation of the readers and will be a source of joy to them.


Why are visitors Dying?
Miraculous Cars and Castles
The Mysterious Men in Black
Strange Mysteries of the Past
Coincidences and Life
The Hidden Treasure
The city of Lord Krishna-Did it Exist?
Strange Megalithic Sites of Britain
Of Mind and Metal - Uri Geller Phenomenon
The Mysteries of Fire-Proof People
The Mask of time
The Monsters in the Water
Does Hypnosis Exist?
Whose Footprints are These?
Born Never to Die
The Mysticism of suffering
Bodies that do not Decay
The Dragon connection
Will the Egyptian lands Disappear?
The Voice of Intuition
The Significance of Dreams - Do They Foretell?
The Mysterious Unconscious
The Ghosts
Do you Speak to your Plants?