World - Famous Supernatural Mysteries

World - Famous Supernatural Mysteries

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Author: Sukhdev Prasad
Translator(s)/Editor: Seema Gupta
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122305598


The World-Famous Supernatural Mysteries covers 25 mind-boggling supernatural incidents reported from all parts of the world, of people suddenly disappearing in groups from the earth; dead bodies vanishing form their graves; dream that solved mysteries shrouding a murder; lightning that restored eyesight; spirits helping to build cities; the extinct inheritors of earth; extra-sensory powers of animals and birds; human body generating electricity; advent of a mysterious goddess and many more thrilling and exciting events at which we only express surprise and attribute them to the divine powers. Mystery behind such miracles remains more or less unraveled.

Much more events have been presented in this book with full narration, precise details and authenticity and as such this book has long been popular with all sections of readers. We are confident that this treasure will further enhance the interest of our readers and that their keenness to know much more about them will increase more than ever before.


Where do they all vanish?
Spirits made him found a city
The accursed mummy
Dream that uncovered a murder
Jack the Ripper
The Cottingley fairies
The Magical world of Daniel Home
Lightning restores sight
The horrible revenge of mummy
When fish rained from the sky
Treating from far away
Advent of a mysterious Goddess
Extrasensory powers of animals & birds
Jatinga-Mass suicide of birds!
Water diviners
The living fossil
The banshee
Some one up there!
Voodoo-The living dead
The missing hours
The extras
Electricity in human body!
Joan Norkot - With a wink
The mystery of dual existence
Amazing photography