Nampally Road

Nampally Road

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Author: Meena Alexander
Publisher: Orient Longman/Disha
Year: 1992
Language: English
Pages: 107
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0002150018


Haunting and lyrical, Nampally Road vividly portrays contemporary India and one woman's struggle to piece together her past.

After four years as a student in England, Mira Kannadical returns to her native India to teach and write, hoping that by writing a few poems . . I could start to stitch it all together: my birth in India, a few years after national independence, my colonial education, my rebellion against the arranged marriage of my mother had in mind for me, my years of research in England.

But the India that Mira finds, teems with confusion and unrest. As the conflict between the townspeople and police reaches a boiling point, Mira realizes that the unrest in the soul of Indian men and women is too visible, too turbulent already to permit the kinds of writing I had once learnt to value. Turning from poetry, Mira looks to people around her to help define herself: Durgabai, practical and devoted to her patients, Old Swami Chari, preaching that this world's sufferings are only an illusion; and her rebellious lover Ramu, urging her towards dangerous political action.