World - Famous Unsolved Mysteries

World - Famous Unsolved Mysteries

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Author: Abhay Kumar Dubey
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 136
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122305601


Our publications are enjoying unquestioned popularity and have been appreciated in reviews of prestigious newspapers and magazines. Authenticity of text matter, nice production, beautiful presentation and the affordable price of books are four basic reasons for this popularity.

The objective of World-Famous Series is to expand the mental horizon of an average reader by channelising his knowledge and thoughts to international happenings.

This book under the series is a collection of mysteries-consisting of 26 such baffling mysteries which are still unsolved despite the pace of modern discoveries. The book explores man’s cherished myths such as the fabled land of Atlantis, an unending search for an Eldorado whose gold was beyond imagination and other fascinating wondrous megaliths like Stonehenge, Pyramids, etc. It also peeps into the most mysterious world of ghosts, vampires, zombies and monsters, including Bermuda Triangle, UFO, etc.

The language has been kept simple and lucid while the authentic photographs make the book a reader’s delight.


Atlantis - Paradise Lost?
Haunted People
Eldorado-A Golden Myth
Olmecs- The Founders of the American civilization?
Who was queen of Sheba?
Project UFO
The mysterious iron pillar
The secret of Tutankhamen’s mummy
The jungles of Angkor
PSI-The science of knowing the unseen
The secret of Mayas
The mysterious Inca treasure
Is the earth shrinking?
The unknown message of Nazca drawings
Is there a second life?
Bermuda Triangle-Is it a reality?
The stones which speak of past artistry
The navel of the world
The splendour of pyramids
Black hole of Siberia
Scythians-the great warriors
Was Sahara desert ever green
The forgotten voyagers of he new world
Which was the first city of the world?
Teotihuacan, the place where gods lived
Magic healing