Live in the Moment

Live in the Moment

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Author: Julie Clark Robinson
Publisher: Jaico
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 151
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8179925218


Fresh, funny, and blatantly honest, Live in the Moment holds the secret to harnessing the power of the present. A practical book about creating one’s own Life experiences, author Julie Clark Robinson’s words of Inspiration will help you to create your own mental treasure chest.

Live in the Moment is for those times when we simply need to stop allowing Life’s ups and downs to dictate how we feel and look to ourselves to set the tone. If you’re willing to lighten up one minute, dig deep the next, and be painstakingly honest throughout, you will come away with a revitalized outlook on Life.




1. There’s a Reason Misery Loves company: It Snuffs it Out
2. It’s Easier to Like the Rain Than Hate Your Slicker
3. Would you Wear Wallpaper?
4. Laughing Is Like Crying, without the Puffy Eyes
5. Don’t Be the Dog that Yearns for a Pat on the Head
6. The Apple Can Fall as Far from the Tree as It sees Fit
7. Agonize, or Play Make-Believe-It’s a Matter of Creativity
8. Some Things are too Hard to Make Sense of
9. Instead of Picturing your Boss Naked, Erase him Completely
10. Put Yourself Smack in the Middle of the Dream