Famous Mythological Stories

Famous Mythological Stories

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Author: Ganga Prashad Sharma
Igen B/
Translator(s)/Editor: Igen B
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 149
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8131000990


Puranas propound that noble deeds can lift a man to the level of divinity. The erosion or depreciation of the credit of deeds again pushes one down to the mortal level to take birth again as a human. So gods too are prone to frailties like jealousy, back-biting scheming, ego clashes and cheating like ordinary earthlings. Sometimes their stories make such a pathetic reading that one naturally tends cynically to suspect the truth of their divine qualities.

Nevertheless the stories illustrate an interesting scenario of divine clashes, prejudices, manipulative tactics, love games and the battle of wits. And the reader gets valuable information on various modes of penance making, fasting, worshiping and meditation plus related rewards and individual characteristics of individual divine beings. That is a fabulous bonus. Hope this compilation will help you know the gods and goddesses better and become religiously educated.


Surya and Sangya
Narada in Maya Web
Ego Buster For Narada
Goddess Durga Tales
Chamunda Story
Durga Versus Shumbha
The Killing of Mahiravana
The Story of Parshurama
Shiva-Arjnua Battle
Shiva and Markandeya
Shiva Goes Fishing
The Tale of Syamantak Gem
The Pride of the Gods
Tale of Devoted Dhruva
Sober Up
The Tale of the Sons of Kubera
Crime and Punishment
Berries of Shabri
Hiranyaksha Slain
The Daugher of Himalaya
Tale of Devahuti-Kardam
Tale of the Golden City
Sati’s Sacrifice
Evils Are Born
Destruction of Venu
Benevolent Prithu
Penance of Prachetas
Lesson for Egoful Indra
The Boon of Varuna
The Glory of Laxmi
The Godly qualities
Irreversible Fate
Monkey Face Narada
Dream Treasures
Change of Heart