Teaching Sikh Heritage to the Youth        2 - Vol. Set

Teaching Sikh Heritage to the Youth 2 - Vol. Set

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Author: Gurbakhsh Singh
Publisher: Singh Brothers
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 264
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172053738



Teaching is a highly rewarding profession. The peace enjoyed by a teacher while looking at the satisfied faces of the students and hearing the sincerely voiced thanks cannot be described in words. While teaching, the teacher also learns many lessons from the students. They can make him not only a better teacher but also more popular with his students. Here are some of the lessons learnt by the author from the youth while teaching Sikh heritage to them.


The source of all religions is God. A devotee needs an unshakable faith in Him to be a religious person. If there is even an iota of doubt about god, faith in Him has little value.

During the Sikh youth camps the students, who were not convinced about the existence of God, asked many questions regarding the concept of God. The discussions held at different camps during 1985-1995 were summarized in two articles who is God? And Was God Invented or Discovered

A young Sikh scholar, Ishwinder Singh, Chandigarh wrote the article Is there God? It is based on the material he found from the internet. Another article, Guru Granth Sahib, A Universal Scripture for World Peace written for the conference on Guru Granth Sahib and World Peace in 2003 at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar has also been included. This article meets the need of a seeker who wants to practise faith for peace.





Ovation to Guru Nanak
Why are You Carrying a Dagger?
Putting the Clock Back by One Generation
If Your Father Drinks
Sikh of the Suit
Guru Nanak! Please, Come Again
Son of S P
My Turban, My Crown
Be Careful! A Hindu Minister is Here
God Does not Die
Should religion Put Restrictions on Us? Is Not god Himself Egocentric?
Thank You, Uncle
My Son Does Not Listen to Me
Where is Your Village?
Duty Free Gift, free Travel
No Amrit, No Kirpan For Me
Your Sword and Your Speech
Dialogue with Guru Nanak
Do We Need Religion Today?
Why Did Guru Nanak Found Another Faith?
Real Name, Allah or Ram?
You are a Coward Sikh
Animal-Man and Human-Man
Is God Male or Female, Man or Animal?
One Hymn in Sukhmani is Not Correct
Granthi Sahib Cuts Grass
Mom, I Want to Cut My Hair
Sonny, tie Your Turban
Mom! This is My Life
Cash and Trash
Are the 5 K’s Necessary today?
Dad! I wanted to Ask You
Do Your Duty, Not Mine
You Must visit My House
God Guided Me Many Times
It will Make the Whole World Blind
I am a Sikh
You Chinese?
Modern Youth have Modern Questions-Religious Aspects
Modern Youth Face Modern Questions-Social Aspects




Who is God?
Was God Invented or Discovered?
Does God Exist?
Guru Granth Sahib-A Universal Scripture for World Peace


Are the Janam Sakhis True?
I have decided to become a Sikh
Are you also?
Gian, a mere Mental Load?
Bare-headed Sikh in the Gurdwara
Why do You wear a Tuban?
Why does my Mind Wander when I recite Nitnem?
Learning Lessons from a Peacher
Anger, How to control IT?
May the Government be Doomed
You are a Sexist!
Mom! OK, Two more Years
Sants as Service Bullocks
Shame on You!
No One Can Tell me to Stop Smoking
Sin of Breaking Amrit
Wanted-A Clean-Shaven Sikh
No Guru Celebrated the Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev
Is God Greedy?
No Benefit of Keeping Hair Uncut
Why Do We Miss the Message of Gurbani?
Why no palki in Darbar Sahib?
No Crown, No King-No Turban, No Singh
Crown, not Cap
If your Son Strays
Your Son is Watching You
Dear Singh, Watch Yourself
Lost Sheep