Yatri - Mystics of Sound      (MUSIC CD)

Yatri - Mystics of Sound (MUSIC CD)

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Author: Prem Joshua
Publisher: Music Today
Year: 07/2006
Language: Music
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): CDPJ04243


In the vast scope of his musical expression, Prem Joshua, himself a Yatri (traveller) beyond musical traditions, creates an inspired collection of songs that reflect a deep love affair with India. People down the ages have heard a calling to sacred Places within and without. In the East this journey is called Yatra (pilgrimage). If you feel this call-let this album be your travel companion.

With his music effortlessly swinging between East and West, Prem Joshua has been heralded by the times of India as the new guru of World Fusion Music.

This Music CDs has following tracks:

1. Saroja Part 1 10:29
2. Cosmo-Bali-tan 08:59
3. Funky Guru 05:44
4. Khazana 08:01
5. Sarang Solitaire 05:23
6. Jaisal Nights 07:47
7. Bharata Jazzyam 04:52
8. Saroja Part 2 05:04