Fit for 50 +  MEN

Fit for 50 + MEN

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Author: Greg Chappell
Publisher: Vision/Orient paperbacks
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 144
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122204228


Fit for 50+ is a unique beginner-friendly fitness program designed for men in middle-age.

Men in their fifties are becoming increasingly concerned about their declining flexibility, lack of energy and the risks a lack of exercise brings of suffering osteoporosis, type II diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Fit for 50+ is an exercise program suited to the middle-aged man. It includes aerobic, weight-bearing, strength training and stretch exercises. It is a realistic, appropriate and a balanced exercise regime.

A man at fifty-eight can be fitter than one at twenty-eight.

Good health and energy are commodities you do not lose as you move through life.

Follow the fit for 50+ program and stay fit for life.

Getting older doesn’t mean getting overweight, physically frail, or feeling sluggish.

Throughout 50+, 60+ and beyond, you ought to be able to exert yourself physically when you want to, and do what you enjoy doing.

Extend your middle age by twenty years, it will be a life worth living!


Inactivity: a mindset
Did you ever see your father run?
The fitness goal
Health benefits
Pelvic floor muscles
The need to be active
Good nutrition
Walking: a preferable alternative
Exercise: a three part program
Morning program
Standing exercises
Afternoon/evening program
Muscle building
Keep on going
Making time