Fast & Healthy Recipes - Over 100 delicious good - for - you Recipes

Fast & Healthy Recipes - Over 100 delicious good - for - you Recipes

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Author: A Compilation
Publisher: Lorenz Books
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 1860350127


Even when time is Limited, as it increasingly seems to be, we all still want to be able to eat delicious and flavourful meals. The pace of modern life also means that it is increasingly important to eat well and healthy. To eat good, tasty food at short notice might seem an impossible combination, but there is no need to resort to ready-bought foods and old stand-bys-with this fantastic new recipe collection, instant irresistible meals can be achieved by everyone, for any occasion.

Quick food doesn’t have to be unhealthy or dull, and Fast & Healthy means that you will never have to rely on store-bought or junk food for fat, real flavours at short notice. The recipes in this book will allow you to create nutritious meals using wholesome ingredients that will not leave you feeling deprived of the foods you enjoy. Many of the dishes are prepared form fresh vegetables, grains and pulses, providing a satisfying alternative to meat, but there are plenty of hearty main courses using poultry and leaner cuts of red meant, to help reduce fat intake. There are also mouth-watering starters, accompaniments and light main meals, plus a selection of indulgent desserts and baked items so tempting you won’t believe they are actually good for you.

Each recipe is explained in easy-to-follow stages, with step-by-step photographs illustrating the preparation involved. With over 100 dishes to choose from, Fast & Healthy Recipes is he ultimate fast food cookbook for the contemporary cook.

Over 100 nutritious recipes, step-by-step

Delicious time-saving recipes for the whole family

Starters and light meals; fish and seafood; meat and poultry, main course vegetarian dishes; accompaniments; desserts and baking

Over 800 photographs, with every recipe shown step-by-step

A delicious, nutritious no-time-to-cook book for the busy modern lifestyle



Starters and Light Meals
Rice, Grains and Pulses
Fish and Seafood
Meat and Poultry
Vegetarian Main Courses
Desserts and Baking