Ji Project (MUSIC CD)

Ji Project (MUSIC CD)

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Author: Hari Haran
Publisher: Kosmic Music
Year: 04/2006
Language: Music
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): KMD365


This Music CD has following tracks:

1. Guru 4:44
2. Pride (In the Name of Love) 4:44
3. Bhavani 6:44
4. Char 4:38
5. Sandhia 6:17
6. Sat Chit Ananda 4:33
7. Chale Chalo 4:08
8. Peace 4:51
9. Buddhist Manta 4:17

Lead Vocals: Hariharan on Tracks 2 & 7, Bombay Jayashree on Tracks 3 & 9 and others

Ji: A brotherhood. The Indian tradition of addressing one another, and connecting our given names in a common union. Enzo Ji, Mr E Ji, Carlos Ji, Adam Ji, Pipi Ji, and Apple Ji, are the founding members in the first of a series we come to know as The Ji Project.

In February 2000, Enzo Buono journeyed from Argentina to Southern India to participate in a retreat centered in self-realization. He found, through his connection with music, a relative place of communication that transcended any misinterpretation found in traditional spoken language. A growing bond was ignited with the retreat’s organization and Enzo. After the program, he recorded music with community’s monks and local Indian singers. With minimal equipment, and no designated facility, the passion to focus, expand, and transcend this connection to a marketplace was set into motion. Two years later, when he returned to India, a fully equipped, no expense spared, music recording facility named Kosmic Music Studios was a reality. In response to world government efforts to alienate people from each other, Kosmic’s goal, is to stimulate collective consciousness and bring humanity closer to our truest self.

By celebrating life through music, and the accelerating rate of information access, we can participate in responsible progression. Enzo pioneered the idea of promoting Kosmic to a world market. The goal, was to find a production team capable of creating a unique, yet commercial record, fusing Eastern and Western styles of music. A two-year search ended in October 2003, when he randomly met with L A Production Duo, Mr E and Carlos Rodriguez knows as span Jew Productions. Coincidentally, the Span Jew duo specialized in their own style of music they call Ethnic Urban Orchestral. Together with long time friend, fellow producer and engineer Adam Kagan, the production team was assembled.

In January 2004, the multicultural group united in India. Over a two-month period, set within an Ashram amongst remote villagers, peanut fields, mountains, rivers, and three hours form civilizations the journey began.

This project represents a family comprised of Argentineans, a Spaniard, Americans, an African American, and a handful of incredible Indian Musicians, all melding together in perfect harmony. Together, they proudly present the Ji Project.