Discourses on Kenopanisad

Discourses on Kenopanisad

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Author: Swami Chinmayananda
Publisher: Chinmaya Mission Trust
Year: 2004
Language: multilingual
Pages: 177
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175972637


It is, quite often, contended that science and religion are opposed to each other. The protagonists of science and the so called rationalists maintain that religion is unscientific and superstitious. It is surprising that the man of science who is supposed to have an intimate knowledge of the baffling universe should try to maintain that the whole of the Reality and the Truth is amenable to his methods.

An outline of the basic presumptions of the Vedanta, the equipment necessary for an experiment of truth and the basic assumption contained in the Hindu philosophy are outlined in the introduction. The other part contains the text of the Kenopanisad with suitable explanations. The subject matter of the kenopanisad is an enquiry into the nature of Reality (Brahman). The language adopted by the Kenopanisad necessarily had to be a suggestive language.

The Kenopanisad Suggests the nature of the Reality and the pre-conditions for experiencing it. The Upanisads do not profess to bring the Reality to the experience of the seeker but the high speculation of the Upanisads suggest the nature of the Truth and set the seeker to pursue it. It depends on the seeker whether he realizes the Absolute Truth or not. The Upanisas do not make dogmatic assertions but they initiate the seeker to the Truth which he is expected to realize by following the technique prescribed. If this is not a scientific approach what else could it be?




Vedanta-The Religion Of Detachment
Our Relationship With the Absolute
The Path
Law Of Karma
The Upanisad-s

The Teacher and the Taught
Self Purification
Sincere Pursuit
Chains That Shackle
The Seer
Mind Is Man
The Centre Of the Centre?
A Caution

Pure Truth
The Dream Mirage
Kill The Ego
The Goal
Now & Here

The Inner Essence

Conditioned Brahman
Self-perfection Technique

APPENDIX I: Rise and Fall of Man