Maharana Pratap - A Biography

Maharana Pratap - A Biography

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Author: Sri Ram Sharma
Foreword/Introductio: A C Woolner
Publisher: Hope India
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 110
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178710056


The history of Rajasthan is a fascinating study; it abounds in the unusual, the romantic and the chivalrous. With an inhospitable land as their background, the Rajputs-Sisodias and Rathors, Kachhwahas and Bhatis, Chauhans and Parmars raised up a building which gathered around and in it all that was noble.

Many have been the pilgrims who were attracted to it, but the corner which has been built by the doughty deeds of the Sisodias has had the largest amount of homage. And there the niche in which Rana Pratap stands has become the holiest of the holy. He stands for all that is usually associated with that romantic word, Rajput, and more.

If courage was the distinguishing badge of the Rajputs, Pratap had more than his share of it; if unflinching resolution and indomitable will ever made a hero of a man, Pratap was one. If ever a man fought against fearful odds and pulled through them, it was he.


All is unstable in this world; land and wealth will disappear, but the virtue of a great name lives for ever. Pratap abandoned wealth and land, but never bowed his head alone, of all the princes of Hind, he preserved his honour.
-Abdur Rahim Khan-I-Khanan
Poet and noble at Akbar’s Court


(Former Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University, Lahore)

Introduction by K C Yadav
Historical Perspective
Early Life and Accession to the Throne
India in 1572
The Trial
The Battle of Haldi Ghati
Imperial Invasion of Mewar
Attack on Kumbhalgarh
The Last Expedition to Mewar
Maharana Conquers Mewar
Character & Place in History