The Computer Universe

The Computer Universe

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Author: Prof P A Wahid
Publisher: Adam Publishers
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 422
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174354522


The author makes a brilliant attempt to explain the Holy Quran in a scientific manner by treating the universe as a computer system designed and programmed by Allah. The book is the first ever attempt to provide a scientific tafsir to the Quranic verses on the universe and human life, and a revolutionary computer concept for characterizing the functioning of the universe.

The author addresses the creation of the physical universe and biological species (excepting man) by proposing theories of programmed evolution. The Quranic revelations about the creation of man, testing of human beings by Allah, recording of human activities, satanic influence on man, the divine mechanism of creation, life-after, divine governance of the universe, etc, are explained through the analogy of a computerized set-up. For the first time, the phenomena of life and death, genetic program, and soul are scientifically defined. Life is an intangible entity that can be understood only in conjunction with the Quran.

The book is written with the conviction that the source of knowledge (both true science and the Quran) is Allah. The religion-scientific dialogue thus leads to a stimulating integration of true science with the Quran resulting in the evolution of a holistic knowledge of the universe including the divine purpose of human creation. The concepts, ideas and arguments put forward in this book provides a strong foundation on which Islamic Science can be build. The work is the proclamation that Islamic the rational, the divine and the universal religion.




Origin and Evolution of the Universe
Darwin’s The Origin of Species-A Critique
Species Concepts and Evolutionary Trees
Changing Views About Organic Evolution
A Computer Model of the Universe
Programmed Evolution-A Religio-Scientific Theory of Creation
The Human Race
Programmed Evolution of Islam
Programmed Evolution of Science and Technology